Product Description

For 190-400nm, 808-840nm, >840-950nm, >950-1080nm, >1080-1090nm
Specification meets ANSIZ136.1 Laser Protection and Z87.1 Impact Standards
CE approved, EN207 Compliant:

  • 808-840 DIRM LB4
  • 840-950 + >1080-1090 DIRM LB5
  • 950-1080 D LB6 + IRM LB7
High Optical Densities for 190-400nm, 808-840nm, 840-950nm, 950-1080nm, 1080-1090nm Wavelengths
Excellent Visibility, Wide Field of View
Universal Fit, Soft Temples, Side Shield
Modern Style with Lanyard and Storage case