Product Description

UV broadband SiC, max. irradiance 18 nW/cm2, lens cap

Properties of the TOCON_ABC1

• Broadband SiC based UV photodetector in TO5 housing with concentrator lens cap

• 0 … 5 V voltage output

• peak wavelength at 280 nm

• max. radiation (saturation limit) at peak is 18 nW/cm2,

minimum radiation (resolution limit) is 1,8 pW/cm2

• Applications: very low UV radiation, flame detection

What is a TOCON?

A TOCON is a 5 Volt powered UV photodetector with integrated amplifier converting UV radiation into a 0 … 5V voltage output. The Vout pin of the TOCON can be directly connected to a controller, a voltmeter or any other data analyzing device with voltage input. Highly modern electronic components and a hermetically sealed metal housing with UV glass window eliminates noise caused by parasitic resistance paths inside the package or EMI. A TOCON is a perfect solution for each industrial UV sensing application starting from flame detection at pW/cm2 level up to UV curing lamp control at W/cm2 level. This thirteen orders of magnitude range is covered by ten different TOCONs that differ by their sensitivity. The TOCONs are produced as UV broadband sensors or with filters for selective measurement.

Silicon Carbide (SiC) detector chip inside

Sophisticated electronics make a TOCON a reliable component in harsh environments as well as for extremely low or extremely high UV radiation. But what makes the TOCON a quasi eternally living sensor is the sglux in-house produced SiC detector chip featured by a PTB-reported extreme radiation hardness.