Product Description

The plane of polarisation of linearly polarized light is rotated by Quartz crystals due to the optical activity.
These Polarisation Rotators have a very high temperature bandwidth and can be easily used in rotating the polarisation of lasers.


Material: Crystal Quartz
Rotation Accuracy: < 5 minutes
Wavefront Distortion: < λ/4 @ 632.8 nm
Wavelength Range: 350-1300 nm
Parallelism: Surface Quality: 20-10 scratch and dig
AR Coating: R<0.2% at central wavelength
Rotation: clockwise (right-handed,standard)
Standard Wavelength: 532,1064 nm


Angle of Rotation45°90°

Φ (mm) Part No. Part No.
10.0 PPR1410 PPR1910
12.7 PPR1412 PPR1912
15.0 PPR1415 PPR1915
20.0 PPR1420 PPR1920
Angle of Rotation45°90 °

Wavelength(nm) Thickness(mm) Thickness(mm)
532 1.67 3.33
1064 7.13 14.26