Product Description

The GDLM1000 series product is our standard 12mm diameter, compact Green Diode Laser module with an internal feedback photodiode.

It can deliver TEM00 with a low divergence output beam with 5% stability up to 50mW output power at 532nm wavelength.


Key Features Application
  • Auto Power Control Function
  • High Reliability
  • Low Cost
  • Compact 12mm diameter


  • Surveying Equipment
  • Laser Alignment and Positioning
  • Laser Aiming
  • Machine Vision


Parameter Specifications
Type GDLM-1005 GDLM-1010 GDLM-1020 GDLM-1050
CW Output Power (Typical) 5mW 10mW 20mW 50mW
Wavelength (Typical) 532nm
Beam Mode TEM00
Mode Quality <1.2 <1.4
Beam Roundness >85%
Power Stability APC, over 2hrs at ambient temperature +/-2°C after warm up <+/-5%
APC, over operating temperature range <+/-20%
Beam Alignment Tolerance Position (∆r) <0.5mm
Angle <10mrad
Linear Polarization Unpolarised *
LD Operating Voltage <2.0 V <2.3 V
LD Operating Current (Max) 300 mA 600 mA
Operating Temperature  +20~+30°C
Operating Humidity 5%~95% (Non-condensed)
Storage Temperature -20~+60°C
Residual IR <0.2%
Expected Operating Lifetime >5000 hours
Recommended DC Driver LDD-360C LDD-360C LDD-800D LDD-800D
Recommended AC Power Supply LDD-800A LDD-800A LDD-800A LDD-800A

Note * Linear Polarised Module is available upon request.

Dimensions and Beam Parameters

Laser Head
Beam Diameter (1/e2) Beam Divergence(Full Angle)
7.5* ф12mm x35mm <1.2mm <1.2mrad
15* ф13mm x 44mm <2.5mm <0.7mrad

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