Product Description

Material: BK7 Grade A Optical Glass
Dimension Tolerance: ± 0.2mm
Flatness: l/4 @ 632.8 nm
Surface Quality: 60/40 scratch and dig
T/R: 50/50± 5%
T=(Ts+Tp)/2, R=(Rs+Rp)/2
Beam Deviation: <3 arc minutes Coatings: Broadband partial reflectance: on hypotenuse face Broadband AR coatings: on all input and output faces 49_45_44_cube1a12580367824afc1e2ec07fb

Wavelength(nm) 450-650m 650-900nm
Size(mm) Part No. Part No.
10x10x10 CBS0102 CBS0103
12.7×12.7×12.7 CBS0202 CBS0203
15x15x15 CBS0302 CBS0303
20x20x20 CBS0402 CBS0403

Wavelength(nm) 450-650m 650-900nm
10x10x10 CBS0104 CBS0105
12.7×12.7×12.7 CBS0204 CBS0205
15x15x15 CBS0304 CBS0305
20x20x20 CBS0404 CBS0405